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00 It then has to do so to stay on top of the next wave of threats. " The work on this ongoing basis is meant to ensure that current and future generations of computers do not become threats to users, " she said. " We will continue to work with the computer industry, security researchers, open source programmers, and government agencies to define the state of the art, as well as looking at the next wave of threats. " We will also continue to develop and promote the theory and practice of security through education and outreach to users and industry, " she said. " Working with Microsoft and the industry, the Computer Emergency Response Team is also developing a code of conduct and baseline rules for participants in the effort." This particular threat vector is an attack on the RTOS kernel which is part of the Intel iROS for the iPlato development platform. The problem results from the way this OS updates components, like BIOS, flash, and so on. The memory controller in iPlato used for the update process, however, was being made read/write by the user space application. This means that if the application left the memory controller in a safe state, it would be accessible by an attacker who is able to read and write the memory. The vulnerability is specific to the devices of the Intel family and not part of Intel microarchitectures. Working with the device firmware vendor, Lattice Semiconductors, has been a key part of the process of remediation. Based on a series of mitigations, they are currently in their final development cycle. The code was checked for more than five years before being included in iPlato, and it was only at the last moment that the problem was discovered. "We became aware of it only two or three months ago, and we have been looking into it for more than a year," said Carlo Pavan, chief security engineer at Lattice Semiconductors. " We added a mitigation to the code and also redesigned and changed the flow of our update algorithms, and we have been checking the code again and again. "We are working with the manufacturer and with the manufacturer's software team, the US Department of Homeland Security and US Computer Emergency Readiness Team, and we are making sure that we have a robust solution. "All these mitigations are fully tested and we are confident that the problem does not exist on the latest silicon in any of the iPlato



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