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                                                      The Jane Goodall Institute

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Now a world-renowned conservationist and ambassador for wildlife worldwide, 26 year old Jane Goodall arrived in Gombe, Tanzania in 1960. Her pioneering research into the life and world of chimpanzees there became famous world-wide. Over the next 6 decades Ms. Goodall has ceaselessly dedicated her life to protecting wildlife and habitats, working with local people to better their lives and travelling the globe educating and inspiring people to work to protect the planet. Firmly into her eighties now Ms. Jane has no plans of slowing down.

The Jane Goodall Institute is a power-house of initiatives and projects from the original Gombe Stream Research Center to community outreach and development, ant-poaching units, seed-funding and much more ......see here for more projects.














In the words of Jane Goodall

"If each of us does our part, all the pieces of the puzzle come together

and the world is a better place because of you."

The Safari Specialist attempts to do it's part with a monthly donation to JGI

and by participating in the cell-phone recycling initiative      




















go to JGI website

Recommended Reading ......

For children

Collected and recycled cell phones benefit the environment and chimp habitat directly by reusing the precious metals that are mined in the Congo Basin and elsewhere. In addition proceeds from the resold metals are used by JGI to benefit their many projects - It's a win-win! The Safari Specialist collects used cell phones from friends, neighbors and clients and is in the process of working with the animal science department in Carroll ISD to begin a school collection initiative.

If you have old cell phones to donate or are interested in collecting in your workplace, church or school just let us and know  and we'd be delighted to arrange collection.

Just send me a message on the contact form at the bottom of the page

In April 2016 I was fortunate enough to attend An Evening with Jane Goodall and hear her speak about her life, her experiences and her vision for the future - a truly amazing speaker and I would urge anyone who has an interest to look up her tour schedule - my blog on the evening here

The recently released documentary 'JANE' by National Geographic includes new footage of her with the chimps at Gombe and is well worth taking the time to see if you get the chance

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