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Indian Ocean

The Spice Island

Lying just off the coast of mainland Tanzania is the exotic island of Zanzibar. Fringed with powder white beaches and lapped by an azure-hued Indian Ocean it really is an island paradise. Zanzibar holds the hiddden secrets of a history sprinkled with Sultans palaces, aromatic spices and the trade winds that brought arab dhows to it's shores. Today a visit to Stone Town is a journey back in time wandering throughthe narrow alleyways to discover hidden bazaars and antique shops where you may just find alladin's lamp. Craft markets along the harbour front are always worth a visit before sunset dinner at Emerson's rooftop restaurant. 

Days spent beachcombing or lying by the pool watching the local dhows drift by are enough for some, while others may choose to dive the coral reef, deep-sea fish, snorkel, kayak or swim with dolphins. 

Within a 2- hour flight of the Serengeti a visit to Zanzibar is the perfect way to end a safari.

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