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As an avid reader my 'Africa Library' (above) is always growing. I particularly love to get lost in autobiographies of the pioneers and early researchers from times past when East Africa was still so fresh and wild and cut off from the world. The famous names of Louis Leakey, Bernhard Grizmek,, Karen Blixen, Beryl Markham, the daring lives of the Finch-Hattons and Douglas-Hamiltons and the great lady heroes of conservation Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey; Daphne Sheldrick and their tales of adventure and discovery in a more innocent time and place. 

I have included here all my recommendations (to date) of books I have enjoyed, own and use.

Anyone living locally to me is very welcome to borrow from my collection.


For others I have included links to buy on Amazon. 

Just click the        by each book ….. happy reading!


Love, Life and Elephants

Dame Daphne Sheldrick

An incredible lady and founder of the elephant orphanage  outside Nairobi, Kenya, David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. In the book she tells her story from being a young child growing up as a member of a pioneering farming family  in Kenya and follows her life and love of animals and her one great love David Sheldrick …. amazing story by an inspirational lady

…… more info


In the Shadow of Man

Dr Jane Goodall                                      …… more info      

Jane Goodall tells her unique and inspiring story of how a young and inexperienced girl travelled to East Africa and embarked on what was to become the most incredible adventure living by herself in the remote forests on the shores of Lake Tanganyika; ' Day after day in the sun and the wind and the rain I climbed into the hills …. into a magic world that no human had explored before - the world of the wild chimpanzees."

Other great books by Jane Goodall

Reason for Hope - A Spiritual Journey …….. more info 


The Worlds of a Maasai Warrior

Tepilit Ole Saitoti

A fascinating insight into the everyday life, traditions and challenges of the Maasai Tribe and the author's journey into the modern world.

more info …...


Serengeti Shall Not Die

Bernhard & Michael Grizmek

In December 1957 Bernhard Grzimek, director of the Frankfurt Zoo and his son Michael embarked in a small, single engine plane to fly from Germany to the Serengeti and undertake the first aerial survey and record of the Great Migration. The book details fascinating details and anecdotes about the father and son's journey to and time spent in Serengeti and from which only one would sadly survive.

…… more info


West with the Night

Beryl Markham

The most beautifully written autobiography of Beryl Marham, a most  remarkable woman raised in Kenya at the beginning of the century and a contemporary of Karen Blixen. The first female pilot license holder in Africa, Markham's life is an extraordinary example of "no horizon is so far that you cannot get above it or beyond it."

…… more info


….more info

Gorillas in the Mist

Dian Fossey


The Africa House

Christina Lamb

….more info


The Elephant Whisperer

Lawrence Anthony

My Serengeti Years

Myles Turner

….more info


Out of Africa

Isak Dinesen

….more info


….more info

Among the Elephants

Iain & Oria Douglas Hamilton

….more info


The Africa Shelves

Gorillas in the Mist

Dian Fossey

The Safari Companion

Richard Estes

….more info


Birds of East Africa

Princeton Field Guide

….more info


Geology of National ...


….more info



Bradt Guides

….more info


Tanzania guide to

Customs and Culture

….more info


Travel and Reference Guides


Portrait of a Nation

Paul Joynson-Hicks

….more info


Light and Dust

Frederico Veronesi

….more info


Remembering Elephants

Virginia Mackena

….more info


Remembering Rhinos

Mark Cowerdine

….more info

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