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The Accommodation Portfolio

Over many years I have had the pleasure and privilege of sampling the hospitality of countless different camps and lodges in wondrous Tanzania. On every trip I make time to visit new camps and keep up to date on the latest offerings. There are some truly incredible places to stay from treehouses to baroque castles - there really is something for everyone and as I have learned not everyone is looking for the same thing.


In The Accommodation Portfolio I have put together my top choices in each park or area. The camps range in cost to give options for all. These camps are the mainstays of the itineraries I recommend but that's not  to say that they are the only great camps out there and I am always happy to include others (although there are also some that I would avoid).


When considering accommodation for the Serengeti it is important to consider the time of year since most want to be close to the Migration if possible (and don't forget it's a vast area). For that reason I have a large range of 'favorites' in the portfolio for the Serengeti so that I can make sure you are in the right area for the time of year.


It is often helpful to understand the differences in the type of camp/accommodation, here's a brief guide:


Mobile Tented Camp - this is a camp that moves periodically often to follow the migration herds. Of necessity it will be a little simpler in nature although many still manage to feel pretty luxurious.


Permanent Tented Camp - Whilst the guest tents will still be canvas construction they usually are a little bigger and more extensively furnished and with a more substantial bathroom. Often they are pitched on a wooden platform rather than directly onto the ground. Permament Camps will often have a lounge or dining area on a raised platform to facilitate the view.


Bush camp - Often rooms in a bush camp will still have canvas walls but will also have a thatched rood and wooden floors and permanently built en-suite bathrooms - they feel a little more like being inside a building than being in a tent but still maintain a connection to the outdoors.


Lodges - These are 'bricks and mortar' style accomodation with solid walls and a definite dinstinction between being inside or out. There are some beautiful lodges in Tanzania but I would urge all adventurers to at least spend some of your safari under canvas.




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