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Vehicles & Guides

Along with the Parks and Camps in your itinerary the other vital component is your vehicle and guide. Professional safari guides along with comfortable and reliable vehicles make memorable safaris. The reliability of our vehicles is crucial to a safe and successful tour. Together with our expert tour guides we offer the highest level of comfort possible. Your customized safari 4 x 4 Toyota Landcruiser is converted into a long-version for up to 6 or 7 passengers all with ample leg room and window seats. The vehicles are equipped with heavy duty suspension systems and can handle rough terrains. Fitted with pop-up roofs for easy game-viewing, photography and filming. With the roof closed the vehicles can travel long distances comfortably at speed. All vehicles are equipped with safety features, such as seat belts, spare tires and 2-way radios plus the guides always carry independent mobile communication devices.

The following additional equipment is available in your vehicle:

  • books with relevant info

  • maps of the National Parks 

  • a pair of binoculars,

  • refrigerator and cooler boxes offering soft drinks and water  

  • table and chairs for picnics

Safaris are tough on vehicles, therefore regular maintenance is essential. All vehicles are inspected after each tour and routine maintenance checks carried out. In addition the guides are well-trained to deal with any unexpected situation whilst in the bush.

Our guides are all professionally trained and experienced Tanzanians (usually from the Arusha region) with good English skills who can share with you not only in-depth knowledge of the wildlife but also of the local cultures, ecological knowledge and history of the region.

We value guides that along with extensive knowledge and experience of the area and wildlife also have a great sense of humor and enjoy interacting with people from all cultures and both young and old. Often one of the most special memories of a safari is getting to know your guide and it’s not unusual to keep in contact after your return home.

A large portion of a private safari is spent in the company of your guide and we endeavor to ensure that they offer the best in knowledge, experience and not least personality!

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