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Jane, Queen of the Apes

A week ago I had the thrill of attending 'An evening with Jane Goodall' at UT Arlington. I read Dr Goodall's first book; In the Shadow of Man about 20 years ago and have reread it at least 5 times since. Her story is truly inspiring and she was no less amazing as an 82 years young lady in the middle of a large podium than she was as the vibrant and intrepid 25 year old that started her incredible journey to Tanzania all those years ago. She held us spell-bound for an hour and a half with her unassuming girlish style and without a note wove her story of adventure, discovery and her personal journey into activism and how she became a warrior for the natural world. She still travels 300 days a year campaigning and spreading her philosophy throughout the world. If we each achieve 1% of the positive impact that she has in her lifetime this fragile Earth would be a truly changed place. If you haven't already I urge you to read her story. Here is the video that left her audience in tears last week - as Ms Jane says, 'Without tears in your eyes there can be no rainbows in your hearts"

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