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The Accommodation Portfolio

Sand Rivers - Selous


Sand River's 8 stone and thatched cottages, are all open-fronted and raised on decks overlooking the river. There are 5 Riverside rooms - with en-suite bathrooms, hot and cold running water, flush toilets and powerful showers - and 3 Hillside Suites. The Suites have all the above, but a large living space and a small plunge pool. 

Game drives and walks are daily fare but guests quickly realise that a few hours spent relaxing on the verandahs of their open-fronted rooms, or cooling off in the pool, surrounded by Kingfishers and Bee Eaters, listening to the grunts of hippos on the river, can be time equally well spent.

Sit around the bar at the end of the day, the drinks are cold and there's always good stories to be told.

The main mess is spacious, open-fronted and cool. There's a chill-out area near the library and then acres of dining spots - around the main pool,  privately tucked away in a quiet corner of the mess or on the social managers table. 


Number of Tents: 8

Style : Open Style Cottages


Activities: game drives, walking, boat safaris, fly camping


Ellie says, " Absolutely beautifully designed camp which offers an exciting variety of activities, drifting the Rufiji River or fly camping on its banks are experiences like no other."


Recommended for all adventurers and those who like a little more action.

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